Princesses of the Mediterranean, in the Dawn of History

March found us once again  in Athens, where the sun is shining all day long and the nights are warm, even during winter time. While working, we always make some time to visit our favorite places, among which are a few museums. This time, we werre lucky enough to catch an exhibition about the Princesses of the ancient Mediterranean World in the Museum of Cycladic Art.               collage

  Classic Jewellery Collection and stunning Replicas using microsculpturing technique at SilverTownArt.



Silence is gold, was the first thing crossing my mind when I laid eyes on the objects featured. The exhibition presents 24 examples of ‘princesses’ from Greece, Cyprus, Southern Italy, and Etruria from 1,000 to 500 BC, and over 500 artifacts. “These, speak for themselves..” I whispered, not being able to conceive that these jewellery were once worn by real women of the archaic world, and through them we can try to unravel the thread of their lives as women who held important roles in the Mediterranean world as Royal ladies or princesses; priestesses or healers; women of authority or knowledge; local women of the who stood apart from the rest…

prigipisses tis mesogeiou

Leaving Athens and heading to my own world of jewellery in Ioannina, I am once again confident that jewellery is so much more than a nice gift or a shiny object. A timeless, magical art, that has flourished in so many different places of the world, from the Dawn of History.

                                           αρχείο λήψης

 Thanks for reading,

The Team @SilverTownArt


About SilverTownArt

We are a small team of jewelry designers living and working in Greece. We produce unique, statement creations only by hand using the finest materials and fusing contemporary and tradiotional techniques that have a special cultural meaning for the Greek Jewelry heritage. We would like to welcome you to our blog and social media pages and invite you to see our work at our Etsy Shop!
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