My Favorite Plated Silver


April is almost here, spring has already made an appearence for good! As days get warmer, we all think a little bit more about romantic dinners or evening cocktails. When it comes to certain occassions like these , I can’t resist plated silver jewellery. Warm to the eye and feminine at the same time, they are the perfect way to boost a black dress or a loose, easy look…


Definately appreciated by women due to the gold though affordable effect, plated silver jewellery is an easy-chic way to look fabulus. The key is to choose handcrafted jewellery so that the gold leaf is used with sensory and taste for the perfect outcome. 



At SilverTownArt we have carefully selected some plated silver pieces that our friends have already loved! Our team of designers, as contemporary artists evolve the traditional patterns or create new, abstract desings using plated silver. Most importantly, they all craft the jewellery personally, which is exclusively made by hand. One good reason our friends are committed!


Take a chance with bold jewellery!



About SilverTownArt

We are a small team of jewelry designers living and working in Greece. We produce unique, statement creations only by hand using the finest materials and fusing contemporary and tradiotional techniques that have a special cultural meaning for the Greek Jewelry heritage. We would like to welcome you to our blog and social media pages and invite you to see our work at our Etsy Shop!
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