Ancient Inspirations

ImageAncient Inspirations… So as to rephrase, what makes us love ancient style Jewellery so much?


Take a look at this ring. It belongs to the Aigina treasure, the island of the Aegean Sea and it’s dated about 1850-1550 BC. It is probably a piece of Minoan Cretan workmanship.

At SilverTownArt we have the pleasure to work with an amazing artist that produces replicas of ancient Greek jewellery or performances, taken for instance from ancient coins.

Museum pieces! That’s the phrase that best describes the beauty of these designs. Image

Arethusa Pendant, Stunning right?!


Athena, The GoddessImage

Pegasus, The Flying Horse


What makes us adore this kind of Jewellery is the feeling of another time, where people invented new things, just as effectively as now, or even more, considering their means. How is it that they produced such beautiful things, 4000 years ago and have this kind of aesthetics?

Thanks for reading,

The Team @SilverTownArt



About SilverTownArt

We are a small team of jewelry designers living and working in Greece. We produce unique, statement creations only by hand using the finest materials and fusing contemporary and tradiotional techniques that have a special cultural meaning for the Greek Jewelry heritage. We would like to welcome you to our blog and social media pages and invite you to see our work at our Etsy Shop!
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