Ancient Greek Coin Jewelry Collection

We are extremely happy to present our Ancient Greek Coin Jewelry Collection !

Writing an issue in our blog about this particular Jewelry Collection of SilverTownArt means a lot to us due to its special and deep cultural meaning. As Greeks, we are very much moved by ancient Greek themes. More than that, these kind of themes are an amazing challenge for an artist, not only because of the complexity with which these themes are infused, but also because they must be approached with great respect and care as they a significant part of the world’s cultural heritage.

The Lion Attacking to a Deer scene.

Arethusa Pendant

The Ancient Greek Coins are part of a wonderful culture that once flourished in the ancient Mediterranean world and until today we are defined as modern Greeks by its glorious aesthetics, knowledge and cosmology skills. Being aware of all this and living in Athens gives us a clear perspective regarding our work.

Olympic Games Cuff

We allow ourselves to be inspired by these themes, like the ancient Greek coins, while being also motivated, intrigued and sensitized, to work with them in an honest and honorable way so as to create pieces of equal aesthetic, that balance between antiquity and modernity.

Athena Ring

Athena Pendant

Let us explain in a few words. When trying to ascribe the ancient design and the theme itself in a discreet yet contemporary manner, we had to come up with fresh ideas!

Pegasus Ring

This process resulted to a unique technique that creates a luxurious, bold piece of jewelry using light-cured porcelain, a totally innovative material, in order to produce the lucent background where the theme is positioned. Often, the scene that is sculptured with great care at the detail, is enhanced with 18 or 22 carat gold leaf, so as to highlight the scene. All of our designs are integrated with 925 silver, a quiet way to surround and complete the spectacular scene that we focus on.

Athena’s Offering Pendant 

King Philip Ring

We are extremely proud of our Ancient Greek Coin Jewelry Collection because we know that our pieces reflect the ancient Greek aesthetics in a honest and yet fashionable way. Do take a close look in our Collection and let us know how you feel !

Thanks for reading,

The Team@SilverTownArt Greek Jewelry

About SilverTownArt

We are a small team of jewelry designers living and working in Greece. We produce unique, statement creations only by hand using the finest materials and fusing contemporary and tradiotional techniques that have a special cultural meaning for the Greek Jewelry heritage. We would like to welcome you to our blog and social media pages and invite you to see our work at our Etsy Shop!
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