Athena Jewelry, named after the Greek Goddess!

We are fascinated to dedicate this issue to Athena, the glorious female figure that dominated the ancient Greek world as a goddess and inspiration for the people and art. We feel special for presenting the three emblematic pieces of Athena Jewelry of our Shop!

Athena Jewelry, SilverTownArt Greek Jewelry Shop

The Story…

In the ancient Greek world, Athena was the goddess of wisdom, strategy and war. Protector of the city of Athens, the Athenians absolutely adored her, as she personified intelligence and prudence, and symbolized the archetype of the honourable, pure woman’s figure, which is why she is thought and represented as a virgin, with no bonds with the opposite sex.

Goddess Athena, "Athena Jewelry" SilverTownArt Greek Jewelry Shop

Her birth, as usually happens in the ancient Greek mythology, is somehow strange. Athena emerged from her father’s head, Zeus, dressed in armour. Her father, who until then suffered from desperate headache, smiled, and welcomed his new daughter into the family and realm. Athena was from that moment and always his favourite child and she was always devoted to him and only.

According to Greek Mythology, Athena had always intense and competitive relations with Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love, and Poseidon, god of the sea. The story has it that Athena and Poseidon where fighting over the city of Athens, who would be the protector. The twelve gods agreed that both Athena and Poseidon should make a present to the Athenians, a useful offer, so that the people would decide who would be their honourable god.

Athena and Pοseidon

They went to Acropolis, and in front of the gods and the people, the duel begun. Poseidon struck the side of a cliff with his trident and water sprung immediately. People were awed, but the water was salty. Athena hit with her spear the land, and a bushy, evergreen olive tree grew. The people and the gods were amazed by the wise offer of Athena. The olive tree could give olive oil, nourishment and timber, so, Athena was chosen to protect the city.  As well known, until today, the olive tree is precious for the Greeks!

Athena and Poseidon, SilverTownArt Greek Jewelry Shop

Repsesentation of the west pendiment of Parthenon. The scene depicts the battle between Athena and Poseidon over the protection of Athens.

The Athenians loved so much their goddess that built a temple for her, in the middle of 5th century B.C., in the Acropolis of the city. The temple was named Parthenon, after Athena ‘s secondary name Parthenos which means virgin.

Athena is found in numerous ancient Greek jewelry  and ancient coins. Some of them have been an inspiration for us!

Athens's Offering Pendant, SilverTownArt Greek Jewelry Shop

Athena’s offering. This magnificent pendant depicts Athena offering the winged Nice , “Νίκη” which means victory, to the Athenian people. The scene is micro-sculptured on black background using light-cured porcelain and enhanced with 18 carat gold leaf. Athena offering Nice is a theme that derives from the 12 meter chryselephantine (gold and ivory) statue of Athena that decorated the main Parthenon hall, in the interior of the temple .Athena in the Parthenon Hall

The statue was created by the famous sculptor Phidias who carved all her majestic clothing in gold. Fascinating! Athena’s Offering pendant is a precious, really unique piece that condenses the glorious atmosphere and aesthetics of that era.

Athena Pendant, SilverTownArt Greek Jewelry Shop

Athena Pendant and Athena Ring are both versions of Athena as depicted on ancient Greek coins. The colour used, the bold blue background  combined with 18 carat gold leaf are meant to represent the way the magnificent chryselephantine statue of Athena stood under the clear blue sky of Athens. As Parthenon still awes us with its splendour under the attic sun, why we chose blue as a matching background!

Athena Ring, SilverTownArt Greek Jewelry Shop

We definitely feel very special about Athena Jewelry and consider them emblematic for our Shop. After all, we do live in her city..!

Thanks for reading,

The Team@ SilverTownArt Greek Jewelry Shop

About SilverTownArt

We are a small team of jewelry designers living and working in Greece. We produce unique, statement creations only by hand using the finest materials and fusing contemporary and tradiotional techniques that have a special cultural meaning for the Greek Jewelry heritage. We would like to welcome you to our blog and social media pages and invite you to see our work at our Etsy Shop!
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2 Responses to Athena Jewelry, named after the Greek Goddess!

  1. I love how you blended jewelry and Greek mythology. It puts substance and meaning to the jewelry collections. Each piece must speak of a story which I very much agree with.

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